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Her name is Teena and that's a 9 lb, Bass!!! She caught this on a green chomper and guess what...... She released it back into Grand Lake to catch another day. A Grand jesture by a Grand Lady.
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Buying a Grand Lake Home, a Great Investment But Be Careful
October 30th, 2008 Dave Wagenblatt Posted in Grand Lake Real Estate

Buying a Lake home…BE CAREFUL!

When you go to purchase a lake front home, there are many things possible which you don’t typically see when buying a home in the city.  This article is about the Grand Lake, OK real estate market.  The first thing is buyers usually don’t have any idea of what the home market values are at Grand Lake, and there is a very broad range of things to consider. This is why you should work with an experienced, knowledgeable Realtor. Just as with doctors and lawyers some are better than others and some are outstanding. You don’t want someone who is just after a sale. You don’t want someone who won’t listen, and you don’t want someone who doesn’t give you choices. You do want someone who will inform and educate you so you will be comfortable with the decision you make. Part of this process includes the Realtor sharing insight into some of the subjective parts of the value of a waterfront home.  That can only come from experience and working the entire lake area. For instance, all waterfront property is not created equal. One part of this is the view. Is the home located with a main lake view, cove view, or bluff view? What do you see? And the list goes on and on with this and more potential traps for people who don’t know.

If you’re going to invest in a lake front home at Grand Lake, for your peace of mind,  contact Dave & Debbie Wagenblatt, The Get “Grand” Results Team with REMAX Executives at Grand Lake, OK.  Be sure to check out their websites for the most extensive source of information on Grand Lake from Grove, OK to the dam. You can also search for properties.

Grand Lake Lakefront Home, House or Condo? Have You Considered This?
October 13th, 2008 Dave Wagenblatt Posted in Grand Lake Real Estate, Grove OK, Monkey Island OK

Many people don’t realize that there are gated communities on Grand Lake,  OK which have free standing homes but are organized under condominium by-laws. Typically people think of a condo as a townhouse or an apartment type set up. So don’t let that term stop you from investigating that possibility while looking for a lakefront home on Grand Lake. In addition, there are things usually covered by the monthly or annual dues which you pay for anyway.  Things which many haven’t considered. Things like part of the insurance, water, sewer, trash, a boat slip and maintainance/upkeep on the grounds. Many have pool and tennis courts as well and some a clubhouse. By the time you add up the cost to have all this done it turns out it costs about the same anyway. Here is the thing that turns the tide. You don’t have to do it yourself, you get to come to the lake and have fun!!!. All the by-laws are a little different so be sure to check them and ask your Realtor for more information. These Gated communities such as Newport Village, Brighton Bay, St.James Club, White Chapel, Main Stay, Beacon Hill, Heritage Point, The Chateaus, Vintage, etc., are located all around the lake including Monkey Island,  Grove,  Ketchum, Duck Creek and other areas.  While some are actually condo bylaws, some are planned unit developments where only the grounds, streets, etc. are maintained for you.   Either way, a lot of folks are enjoying their amenities.

Check out our websites and for the most extensive information on the Grand Lake, OK area, Things to Do and Real Estate.

Patricia Island Estates & Golf Club
October 18th, 2008 Dave Wagenblatt Posted in Grand Lake Real Estate, Grove OK |

Patricia Island Estates at Grand Lake OK
Welcome to that perfect place to get away from all the hustle and bustle of work and the city… A place to relax and enjoy life…. A place to retire…. A place for family… A place to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Here it is… Patricia Island Estates. Patricia Island Estates is the Premier Golfing Community in Northeast Oklahoma located on Grand Lake in the small community of Grove OK. Patricia Island Estates offers the Best of Both Worlds, Golf…. and Grand Lake. It is simply the place you want to be.

The area is great for retirement, relocation or a second home with a quality of life that’s hard to beat. The secret is getting out, as people from around the country are discovering this Jewel in Green Country and all it has to offer. Activities abound. As a resident of Patricia Island Estates you are eligible to join the Patricia Island Golf Club and play the Tripp Davis designed Championship Golf course where the GolfDigest® 2001 Evaluation Panelist commented “The Greens are Awesome”.

Then there is Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees with it’s over 60 miles in length and 1,300 miles of shoreline. Grand Lake and Grove have hosted the Bass Masters Elite Tournament twice recently and not only is there the fantastic fishing but there is sailing, boating and all the water sports to enjoy on a lake which is not crowded. Enjoy Nature? See an amazing variety of waterfowl and birds including the American Bald Eagles which winter here or the Pelicans which arrive for the Pelican Festival in September.

Grove offers a small community lifestyle with all the amenities you would expect in a larger place. There’s the local Shopping, restaurants and Integris Hospital as well City and State Parks, museums, the Cherokee Queen and a local casino. Yet it is only about an hour from two international airports, one in Tulsa and the other in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Joplin is only 50 minutes away and the Branson and Eureka Springs areas are close enough for a one day trip. As you can see … Patricia Island Estates is not only located in the Heart of America but in the Heart of all the activity, entertainment, shopping, and life choices one could want.

Visit our websites for more information about Grand Lake and either call us at 918-786-8381 or email us at Better yet… Do both and then come see for yourself

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Grove OK Homes for Sale and Real Estate Market
November 2nd, 2008 Dave Wagenblatt Posted in Grand Lake Real Estate, Grove OK |

Do you want to know more about Grove, OK and the homes for sale?

View of Grand Lake from a Home at Patricia Island Estates in Grove, OK
Real estate in Grove is much like other areas except there is an added dimension because of Grand Lake Oklahoma. When looking to buy or sell property here, you must be able to recognize the differences. Then you’ll want to evaluate them to decide if you are getting a fair deal, whether buying or selling.

Your interests are best served by working with a local “expert” at Grove, Ok or any of the real estate at Grand Lake. That’s where Debbie and I come into play.  We work the real estate market in Grove, OK, Grand Lake, as well as Monkey Island, the south end, and points in between full time, 7 days a week. We see it all.

Now back to Grove. Some of areas which seem to be in constant demand are of course the waterfront homes which are more costly but usally are your best investment. After that, lake view homes and then nice homes in the subdivisions. Some subdivisions which provide all three of these are… Buffalo Shores South, Buffalalo Shores North, Buffalo Shores III, and Patricia Island Estates. There are too many to mention all of them so I’ll stop with these for now. Waterfront homes in these areas are typically $500,000 and up depending on age, condition, amenities, view, dock etc. At this time a dollar per square foot range could be $150/sq. ft. to $250 /Sq. ft. (November 2008)

Be sure and read some other articles written on this blog concerning this subject such as  “Buyer Be Careful”  This is not intended to scare anyone away. It is intended to provide food for thought and a short course in the real estate market in Grove, OK and Grand Lake.

Homes which are not waterfront of course, will be less per square foot but value still depends on some of the same things previously mentioned including that old saying in real estate… Location, Location, Location. Is it on a golf course? What are the other homes like? Is the area well groomed? What is the location relative to shopping, schools, medical care etc.?  The price range here is around $75/sq.ft to $135/sq. ft.

Big differences to be sure.  So make sure you look at enough homes for sale to help form an opinion and ask your Realtor questions. One thing we like to do is show you some homes you are interested in that we know you won’t care for.   This will help you learn about the Grove OK and Grand Lake OK real estate markets.

Grove OK is a wonderful place to raise a family or retire. It’s a smaller community with so many special qualities and things to do, without some of the problems you might encounter in a large city. There is more information about Grove and Grand Lake OK on the Grove Chamber of Commerce web site and the Grand Lake Association Web site.

Dave & Debbie Wagenblatt, The Get “Grand” Results Team©, are top producing Realtors® with REMAX Executives at Grand lake, OK. To learn more about the Grand Lake area and community visit their web site or call 918-257-8381

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A Place That’s All About the Lake
Havens | Grove, Okla.
Published in the New York Times
Published: December 19, 2008

W. C. FIELDS, whose position on water was that he never touched the stuff, would feel supremely left out at Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees, which covers 46,500 acres north, south and west of Grove, Okla. Grand Lake, as the locals call it, favors participants over spectators; its boats are big-motored; and the docks that shelter them are tin-roofed and massive.

“The development on Grand Lake is different from some of the other lakes down here regulated by the Corps of Engineers in regard to access to water, where you can place a dock, where you can trim brush,” said Alden Buerge, a banker from Joplin, Mo., who bought a 3,000-square-foot second home near Grove in 2002. “Grand Lake is just much more open. It’s a place to go and have fun on the water.”

There’s no question that Grove, in northeast Oklahoma, is all about Grand Lake, a fishing hot spot full of crappies, catfish and bass. Some of the nation’s top professional fishermen cruised its coves in 2006 and 2007 in the Bassmaster Elite Series’ Sooner Run tournament. But Grand Lake is also home to the casual angler who just wants to jam a chunk of hot dog on a hook in hopes of teasing out a lunker catfish.

Grove is also just two and a half hours away from Branson, Mo., the country music tourist mecca, and that proximity was a lure for the country picker Roy Clark, one of the stars of the television show “Hee Haw.” “This place filled a lot of things in us we weren’t even aware of,” said Mr. Clark, who lives in Tulsa and has a theater in Branson and a second home in Grove that he bought in 2005. “I can go out my front door and be right on the water, and go out my back door and step onto a championship golf course.”Mr. Clark added: “Our main home’s in Tulsa, and sometimes when we’re here we have mixed emotions, like we’re forsaking our home in Tulsa. But when we’re in Tulsa we say, ‘How long has it been since we’ve been to the lake?’ And we’re right back here again.”

Grove’s location in the south-central United States means that it attracts many second-home buyers from Dallas, St. Louis and Wichita, Kan. — and their far-flung children. “We did this a lot for the kids and grandkids,” said Gary Sparks, a Tulsa architect, who spent eight months making the 2,500-square-foot Grand Lake home he bought in 2007 for $230,000 more open and water-friendly. “We have kids in Kansas City, and it’s a great middle ground between the families. We’re all water freaks — four of our six grandchildren live in the water — so it’s just perfect.”

The golf courses are getting better in and around Grove, the grape vines are maturing at the local wineries, and sailboats fill the slips at the two yacht clubs. Local residents say they welcome Grove’s transition from an eye-blink into a resort town. What they don’t want, though, is for Grove and Grand Lake to become an extension of Branson and Lake of the Ozarks.

“People want to get away from that hustle and bustle,” said Chuck Perry, a longtime resident and a real estate agent. “And when they do, they come here.”

Away from the lake, it’s not uncommon to see a pasture on one side of the road and a golf-and-new-homes development on the other. The remnants of the old Route 66 run west of town to Tulsa, exciting the nostalgia-seekers.

Living on Grand Lake means being out on the water doing something — fishing, pontooning, water-skiing, Jet-Skiing, tubing, sailing — with only the briefest breaks to run into town for ribs and potato salad. As development continues along the lake’s 1,300 miles of shoreline, Grove is increasingly the hub that second-home residents run to.

“Grove is really a town in transition,” Mr. Perry said.

When the construction of the Pensacola Dam created Grand Lake in 1940, Grove was what Joe Neill, another local agent, called “just a poor, red-dirt town.”

But as demand for lake frontage accelerated over the last decade, Grove morphed into a resort and second-home community. Its badges of gentrification include Gourmet’s, a high-end food and kitchen equipment store, and the Wax Bucket Candle and Gift Shop. There are also good restaurants like Raggedy’s for soup and sandwiches — though the doughnut shop, the corner cafe and the Grand Lake Sports Center (which advertises three types of bait: live, dead and fake) still rule the day.
There are the conversation-minded fishermen who spend November and December sitting on theater chairs in the heated fishing shack at the Four Seasons Resort, owned by Bill and Sharon Davis, and dunking for crappies through a open well in the floor.

Grove, Okla. “We probably pulled more fish out of that hole than there are in the whole lake,” Mr. Davis said, with a knowing nod to crappies’ powers of regeneration.

The lake and its surroundings have a rustic peacefulness that encourages spending the morning on a sun-warmed lawn chair, watching blue herons stalk along a dock shaded by a rusty Phillips 66 sign. And it doesn’t often freeze in winter — Grove’s average low temperature in January is 35 degrees — so it’s possible to be on the water year-round.


There’s not much in the way of fine-dining options, and the surrounding region is very rural. It takes about an hour and a half to get to Tulsa.

The Real Estate Market

New construction on and around Grand Lake takes several forms: tear-downs of older homes on the lake to build new and larger properties; new construction on vacant land; or buying in a residential development, often with a golf course in the mix. Such communities can be found on Bird Island, Monkey Island and Patricia Island, which are all actually peninsulas.

Though the lake is about 80 percent developed, land on the lakeshore is relatively affordable. “You can get a real nice three-bedroom home with 100 feet of shoreline, a dock with a 30-foot slip and a 20-foot slip and a couple of WaveRunner lifts, all for about $500,000,” said Jeff Savage, an agent with Re/Max Grand Lake.

The median price for a waterfront house is currently about $311,000, Mr. Savage said, and waterfront lots average about $146,000. Recent sales included a two-year-old, 3,800-square-foot house with four bedrooms, three baths and a view of a Grand Lake estuary that sold for $410,000.

The market has cooled in 2008, according to statistics compiled by Mr. Savage. The number of residential properties sold in the Grove area fell by 14 percent, though the average sale price rose 16 percent. “The higher-priced homes are still selling,” he said. “Thirty-seven homes over $500,000 sold this year. Seven were over $1 million.”

Mr. Savage added: “A lot of times people who have homes on the market take them off the market for November and December, so their families can spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s on the lake. Then February, March, they put them back on the market.”

Penny Sternbeck, a local real estate agent transplanted from California, said: “We get an awful lot of people who come here from California. What costs $500,000 there costs $250,000 here.”


POPULATION 6,011, according to a 2006 Census Bureau estimate.

SIZE 9.1 square miles.

WHERE Grove is near the Missouri border, and is a one-and-a-half-hour drive northeast from Tulsa, Okla.

WHO’S BUYING Many people from the south-central United States, including Dallas and St. Louis. But the town also attracts buyers from as far away as California and New Jersey.

WHILE YOU’RE LOOKING Rooms at the Best Western TimberRidge Inn (120 West 18th Street, Grove, Okla.; 918-786-6900; range from $77 to $86 a night.

Dave & Debbie Wagenblatt, The Get “Grand” Results Team©, are top producing Realtors® with REMAX Executives at Grand lake, OK. To learn more about the Grand Lake area and community visit their web site

Further note form Dave… althougth Grove over all property sales were down as Mr. Savage mentioned the lakefront home market gas remained strong and is expected to continue. After all the article said it. ” A Place that’s all about the Lake! Also the fine dining of course would not compare to NYC… Yet.

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